Upcoming Events

Wits’ End Parents’ Roundtable
This mastermind group is for you if you have worked with Rebecah, are working with Rebecah, or you’ve attended her Spirited Child class. Come meet other like-minded parents who “get” spirited kids – and get what it is to parent them! A mastermind gives you the chance to get other parents' perspective on any parenting challenges you’re facing, and share your ideas with them. These conversations will support, inspire, and motivate you!

Logistics: Saturday, October 14, 1:30-3:00, 2375 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
Cooperative Games for Kids Age 3-10
Spirited kids really like to succeed at whatever it is they’re trying to do, and this is why competition can be so difficult for these kids – because these kids hate to lose! But when spirited kids define the goal as succeeding as a group, then that becomes their objective. Spirited kids are actually pretty amazing team players once they get some experience with this, because – if you do it right – cooperation can mean being an influencer, making an impact, and being a leader. Cooperative games are about so much more than just getting along and being nice! So join us for some cooperative practice, and give your child another opportunity to develop their leadership skills!
Logistics: Saturday, October 21, 10:00-12:00, Kennedy Grove Recreation Area, near the amphitheater